Pep In The Step!

REFLEXOLOGY  Will Boost Your Immune System 

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Health Benefits of Reflexology


Reflexology Helps: Release Tension, Calm Nerves, Reduce Pain, Elevate Mood, Enhance Sleep, Alleviate Anxiety, Promotes Blood Flow and Improves Circulation!

Penguins Hockey Defenseman Jack Johnson

"As an athlete, Craig has helped with my recovery, relaxation, and feeling light on my feet. I never realized the benefits from reflexology untiI I was introduced to it. Moving forward, I have made Pep In The Step part of my routine so I’m at my best every game!"
Jack Johnson #3


5 Star Average

Dawn C - "My reflexology session was so relaxing.  It made my energy calm and released tension.  Highly recommend as a self care necessity!"

Jodi K- "Immense relief from Plantar Fasciitis...getting my life back!"

Dina Z -"Very experienced Reflexologist. Loved every minute of it!"

Char J- "Purchased this for my husband, he loved it!"

Cynthia K-"Wonderful experience! Can't wait to go back. So relaxing. My feet feel great. Craig is very knowledgeable and friendly."

Robert R- "Exceeded my expectations and will definitely do it again. It's helping already and I've only been done an hour or so"

Tami M- "What a great way to treat your body right! Highly recommend visiting Craig for a 60 minute session, definitely scheduling another appointment!!!"

Marylu- "First time great relaxing!"

Melissa W- "Great experience. Craig was informative and professional, already booked another visit!"

Shannon R- "Had my first Reflexology session today and loved it!! Felt great and relaxed all day!! Craig was informative and did an amazing job"

Dawn W- "Very professional man, did an excellent job and I will be back!"

Michelle- "Craig does an amazing job, and very professional"

Cynthia- "Wonderful experience! Can't wait to go back, so relaxing and my feet feel great.  Craig is very knowledgeable and friendly."

Farrah M-"Awesome service! Extremely knowledgeable about the body, will definitely continue getting this done."

Debbie-"Craig is professional and answered any questions I had."

Lisa- "What a difference one session made and I slept great! Ready to book my next appointment!"

Sarah- "FANTASTIC"! I wasn't sure what to expect but Craig put me right at ease and took away stress in my feet.  He worked magic! I slept better and will definitely go back."

Sandy L- "Try this before surgery, it's very relaxing and you will feel great afterwards!"

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